How To Have A Successful Private Label Brand

Private label brands are products that are branded and sold by you directly to consumers or through another retailer; however, it is manufactured by a third party. Working with a larger company that offers private labeling is one of the fastest ways to start a business.

While starting a business and having a product line with a private label is relatively straightforward, standing out from the crowd and competing with national brands is a little more challenging and essential for your business's success. Private labels do best when focused on purpose, value, quality, and aligning values with your branding.

10 Strategies To Successfully Grow Your Private Label

1. Always choose quality over price

Unless you purposefully position your product line as a value offering and your clientele understands that it is an entry price point item, you always want to put quality over price.

Otherwise, you want to ensure that your product line is as good or better than other big-name brands; for example, if you choose an aloe vera product, you want to ensure that you are using a high-quality organic aloe vera.

2. Clear Branding and Product Labeling

Your logo and brand name must be prominent but not the dominating feature. The actual name of the item, its purpose, and the product benefits need to be the focus. Ensure that the brand guidelines are clear and uniform across all your product lines to help maintain brand recognition. Whether you choose a cosmetic line, supplement, or food product line, you may be able to dress things up a bit.

3. Avoid Giving Deep Discounts

Look at the competition to understand the price spread for similar products. Make sure you price your product line along with similar pricing guidelines and remember there is a fine line between pricing your private label too low and too high. If your line is too high, your clientele may feel there is not enough price difference to justify purchasing your product, and if it is too low, they will assume the quality is not as good.

4. Share Your Private Label Product Line Everywhere

You can advertise your private label anywhere, from email marketing, newsletters, websites, and local stores. If your manufacturer offers free samples, take advantage of them to give customers a chance to try them or give them away as a gift with a purchase. Brochures are an easy and intelligent way to promote your private label and hand them out to shoppers so they can read about your private label informing them on quality and ingredients.

5. Encourage Employee Participation

One way to encourage your employees to promote products is by offering your employees free samples and products at cost. Once they know your product line, they will naturally promote it to family, friends, and local businesses.

6. Share Why They Should Buy Your Brand 

You have to go beyond just saying that your product is “the best” and offer critical points about how your private label brand is unique, why you started the product line, and how they will benefit from it.

7. Location, Location, Location

Private label products sell best when they are at eye level with the consumer. Work with the stores willing to place your private label line in or near the eye level first, as having your brand on the bottom or top shelf will usually not sell as fast.

8. Work With A Supportive Manufacturer

Find a manufacturing partner who will help with training and education. While it can be challenging to have time available and pay for training as needed, it is essential for the success of your business. A good manufacturing partner will offer new promo strategy consultations, product presentations, and category management advice. 

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9. Perfect Your Packaging Before Launching Your Private Label

A private label packaging, whether a skincare line or another product, must look professional before launching your product line to ensure you make an excellent first impression. You can also trademark your logo if you want but consider hiring an individual lawyer to find a reasonable price.

10. Strategize Like Big Brands

When developing and growing your private label brand, consider strategizing like more prominent mainstream brands and utilize their techniques from packaging and design, advertising, and social media strategies. Many consumers buy products based on the company and brand's social, environmental, ethical values, and authenticity.

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