Aloe Vera Farming


Aloe Labs has over 150 acres of organic aloe vera fields. All cultivation, planting and harvest activity is done by hand to ensure only the best becomes part of your product. In addition to processing the aloe vera into a variety of products, aloe laboratories also sells the leaves and plants. Please contact us for pricing. Lead times will vary as all purchases are made to order.
Aloe Vera Bulk Products


Aloe Labs offers our Aloe Vera Juices Concentrate , Gels & Oil in bulk (5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums) to be used as raw material/ingredient for other company’s use in bottling or manufacturing their own formulations.
Aloe Vera Private Labeling


Aloe Labs also offers several organic aloe powders and nopal powder (unfortunately we cannot offer organic nopal powder at this time). The freeze dried aloe vera powders are divided into two major categories, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Powder 100X and Organic Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Powder 200X. As the names imply, the Leaf powder is derived from leaf juice and the Inner Leaf powder is derived from juice made using only the inner leaf (or inner gel/fillet) of an aloe leaf. The 100X Leaf powder is further divided into two sub-categories: SQ (Standard Quality) and HQ (High Quality) powders. An Inner Leaf (200X) powder contains much longer polysaccharide chains making for a high quality product. The HQ Leaf Powder is our attempt to bridge the gap between your standard Leaf powder and Inner Leaf powder where the HQ powder contains much longer polysaccharide chains as typical but it still does not quite reach Inner Leaf levels.

Aloe Vera Products

Field of Aloe Vera
Aloe Labs offers both organic aloe vera leaves sold by the pound and packaged in 33 lb. corrugated cartons as well as organic aloe plants (priced based on certain sizes adn quantity) packaged in wood crates and palletized. Contact us for more information.
Aloe Vera Juice
The aloe juices we offer range between both Leaf and Inner Leaf processes. The Inner Leaf may be purchased decolorized or with its natural color. It may be ordered with or without pulp. The Leaf Juice can only be ordered decolorized.
Aloe Vera Concentrate
Both Leaf and Inner Leaf juices can be ordered concentrated. These concentrations are based on brix levels. The highest brix we can achieve with Inner Leaf juices is about 10% and the highest Brix we can attain with a Leaf Juice is between 18-20%. Call for Pricing.
Aloe Vera Powder
The choices of powders we offer are as follows: Organic Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Powder 200X, Organic HQ Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Leaf Powder 100X, Organic SQ Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Leaf Powder 100X, Nopal Powder. These products are sold by the kilogram and can come packed in 1 kg., 5 kg. or 10 kg. bags. This is typical though we are able to custom package in larger pack quantities if needed.
Aloe Vera Oil
Aloe Laboratories, Inc. produces one aloe vera oil type. The aloe liquid extracted from an aloe leaf is water-based so to make an aloe oil, we have to extract the liquid into an oil-based ingredient. Contact us for samples.
Finished Products
The majority of our bottled juices are private label, although we do offer our own branded drinks. Our Ogani is a pure organic aloe drink that contains between 93 and 99 percent pure organic aloe. Organi flavors include original, mago, and watermelon. Customers who do not want the sugar content can opt for Organi 99, which contains 99 percent pure aloe. Please visit for more information on Organi.

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IASC Certified
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ECO CERT Cosmos Organic

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