How Do You Grow a Private Label Brand?

Do you own a private label brand and need some extra tools and tips to help usher in growth? Growth means different things to different companies, while some may see growth as pure profits, others see growth as gaining customers and leads or revenue to expand the business. Mostly, you want a little bit of all of those to garner true growth. Private label products and brands have been gaining interest and popularity for the last decade, as we see with brands like Up and Up from Target, Kirkland at Costco or the over 45 brands that Amazon has developed over the recent years. 

Taking inspiration from the bigger companies while keeping the uniqueness of what makes yours special will help you as you navigate the world of private labeling. Here are some helpful tips that will get you on your way to expanding and advancing your private label brand to new heights. 

Keys to Growth and Success

1. Sell Quality and Value-Focused Products 

Customers look for value when they shop as well as product quality and lower costs. Keep in mind that although consumers love a good deal, low cost is not the number one driving force for their purchasing and they will pay extra for quality items. Source high quality ingredients or materials for your products and use a manufacturer that is also top notch, as consumers are looking for that now more than ever. Make sure when you are making your products, that care and quality is put in as well as value. For example, if your competitor is making a skincare cream for $40 and it has 5oz, make yours $38 for 6oz. Little adjustments in value and cost can hook new and repeat customers. 

2. Have a Brand with Purpose

Customers want to feel good about the products they buy and where their money goes, so having a brand with purpose is a great way to gain customers and feel good about your impact in whatever industry you sell in. A recent study showed that consumers are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a brand that has a positive impact. When it comes to product value, make sure you have a set of clear brand values and standards that you won’t negotiate on, whether it is donating a portion to charity, using ethically sourced ingredients or having eco-friendly packaging, there are many ways to show you care without sacrificing too much in the process and the ROI you will get due to having a brand with values and standards will far outweigh the cost of going the extra mile for your brand and customers. 

3. Be A Brand Innovator

With so much competition and many independent brands launching new products almost daily, being an innovator in your field and elevating your private label brand and strategy for sales is absolutely critical for growth. Product development is more than just outwitting your competitors, you must also go the extra mile for your customer base. Knowing your customers’ needs and predicting their wants will give you that extra leg up you will need to begin or maintain growth in business. 

Before you can be a trailblazer, you must learn the skills you will need to make your products profitable and then expand from there. Walk before you run, so to speak and get a feel for what you will need to do cost-wise and time-wise to get the results you want for your brand.

4. Enhance Your Brand

In 2022, every brand should have some sort of online presence. You can choose how much or how little of your brand you want to put out into the world, but if you are shy about using Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter or any other social media app, you will be left in the dust by more tech savvy competitors. You can either hire someone to be your company’s social media expert or you can do it yourself, just make sure to stay relevant, keep it light and make it about the products. Showing a little behind-the-scenes magic to your customers makes them feel as if they are a part of the process and will endear you to them on a personal level, which will lead to more sales and repeat customers. 

Enhancing your brand can also mean upgrading your labels or logos, as design and art are a very important way for customers to remember your products among the many. 

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