How to Market and Sell Your Skincare Line

No matter what product you are selling in your skincare line, be it cream, serum, toner, overnight mask or a scrub, one truth is universal for all skincare items: the marketing must be on top of its game. With so much competition out there, making sure you have a high quality marketing and branding plan that can make you sales and build up brand loyalty that keeps the returns coming.

When marketing your skincare brand, your unique voice and product must be able to shine. This article will go over tips to market and sell your skincare line in today’s market.

Top Tips to Market and Sell Skincare

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is by far the best way to showcase and market your skincare brand. You must have active social media accounts on various platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. In today’s world, you can get exposure for your brand from around the world in just seconds by posting compelling, entertaining content for your target audience. Going viral has made many people millionaires, granted they have the marketing chops to keep the ball rolling thereafter. Having an active and vibrant social marketing strategy will lead to an active following and increase sales as well as allow you to monitor customers’ feedback. 

Using social media platforms to advertise for you is great for targeting your audience. And if you are just starting out, try finding an influencer or two to try your product and give you a shout out on their pages. Micro-influencers (those with up to 100,000 followers) have the best engagement for specific niches like skincare. Find an influencer that meshes well with your brand and watch your follower count (and sales) soar! 

Define Your Brand

You won’t get far if your brand looks like every other store bought item on the shelf. Start off with a great logo, attractive fonts and snappy wording. Have an iron-clad brand message and solidify your brand identity. 

With skincare, your product should be a solution to a problem. Make sure to highlight the problem you are trying to solve with your products, and why your brand is the best solution for that particular problem or issue. Be transparent with your customers about your ingredients as well. People are very picky about what they put in and on their bodies, and they respect brands that lead with transparency.

Use Top Quality Products

If you are using a private label company for your business or going at it yourself, you want to find a manufacturer that sources the best quality ingredients for your product. Make sure they are vetted, visit the factory if you can and test your products out extensively yourself before you start selling it to the public.

Sell Both Online and Locally

While selling online is a must in today’s information and content age, having your product in small independent businesses ensures you can also fill the need locally. Research retailers that you believe can sell your product well, set up meetings with them and find those that are a good fit. Offer free sample products to give to their customers, this will help you in building brand recognition. It is advisable to choose from small to medium size retailers at first. 

Get Testimonials and Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials cannot be overlooked. How often do you read reviews and shy away from a product that has 2 out of 5 stars? Reviews have a definite hold on how we shop. Getting good customer testimonials starts by having a quality product you are proud of. To start collecting testimonials, you can ask customers to give a review or fill a survey if they are pleased with the product after they purchase. 

Use these testimonials on your website and ads, post them on your social media accounts too. There’s nothing more effective than a happy customer sharing how well your new skincare product works. Word of mouth is a huge way to gain new sales.

Get Your Brand Started with Aloe Labs

Do you need locally sourced, high-quality aloe for your next skincare product launch? Are you struggling to find a private label manufacturer that lives up to your brand’s standards? Let the experts at Aloe Laboratories help.

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