How Does Aloe Vera Help My Hair?

Hair loss is a significant problem for both men and women. You may have read or overheard that using aloe vera hair products may help increase the thickness of your hair, help with its length, or even improve the quality of your scalp over time. After hearing that, you could be wondering — how exactly does aloe vera help my hair?

Aloe vera (or aloe barbadensis) is a plant with many beneficial uses. Using this plant can moisturize dry skin and hair, in addition to soothing burns and other irritation to the skin. Aloe vera contains nourishing and moisturizing properties. Therefore, using it to moisturize dry hair is gaining popularity because of the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids it contains.  

Today, we’ll take a look at a few suggestions on how you can use aloe vera gel to bring the best out of your hair.

1.  Aloe Vera Can Help With Detangling Hair

If you suffer from tangled hair, aloe vera can aid in the detangling process. You want to avoid breaking your hair when combing or brushing. 

If you are using raw aloe, slice a piece of aloe vera leaf in half and scoop out the gel inside. Strain it with a cheesecloth and put the aloe vera gel juice in a spray bottle. Spray your hair liberally and use a detangling brush to gently comb out and detangle your hair. The aloe vera juice will make your hair very slippery and will naturally moisturize your hair as it sits. As you brush out your tangles, you will avoid breaking your hair follicles. Leave the aloe vera in your hair for 30 minutes and wash out as normal.

2. Aloe Vera Can Soothe an Itchy Scalp

Dandruff, in clinical terms, is caused by a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. If you are experiencing itching and flaking from dandruff, aloe vera can help soothe the area.. Aloe vera contains enzymes that  moisturize and calm inflamed skin and may reduce inflammation when applied to the scalp. The antioxidant properties help prevent cell damage, and the anti-inflammatory actions help reduce irritation. 

Apply aloe vera gel  to your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes to an hour. Use your regular shampoo to rinse out the gel. Do this two to three times a week for best results. 

3. Aloe Vera Can Deep Clean Your Hair

Every now and then, you need to do a deep clean to your hair. Deep cleaning does not mean you need to strip your hair of its nutrients, though. Using a natural product like aloe vera will help you deep clean your scalp without excess chemicals. 

Aloe vera cleans the hair shaft by stripping off the extra sebum and not the essential nutrients your hair needs. It also aids in removing residue from hair care products. This will leave you with clean hair  that is not stripped or damaged. Unlike other chemicals, aloe vera preserves the integrity of your hair and is very gentle. 

 Aloe vera gel is very soft and manageable. Use the gel to rub through your hair and scalp. It works so well you don’t need shampoo. However, you can use some shampoo if you would like. After you’ve thoroughly incorporated the gel in your hair, rinse out as normal. The aloe vera gel easily washes out, taking excess dirt, oil, and haircare product buildup with it.

4. Aloe Vera Can Repair and Strengthen

Vitamins A, C, and E contribute to cell turnover. Cell turnover promotes healthy cell growth and, therefore, a healthy head of hair. Vitamin B12 and folic acids are found in aloe vera gel, and the two components can keep hair strong and prevent it from falling out. 

Aloe vera is used for its high collagen content and cooling properties after a sunburn, and the same can properties make it ideal to be used to repair damaged hair. Using aloe vera gel weekly aids in the repairing and strengthening of your hair follicles. 

You can use aloe vera gel alone, or mix it with your favorite moisturizer. A little goes a long way in this aspect, so be careful how much you apply for daily use. If too much is applied you’ll need to wash out the excess. 

Potential Side Effects

As with any product you do not normally use, test your sensitivity ahead before committing to a full treatment. If you’re new to using aloe vera, make sure you test a small spot on your scalp before using it all over.

Aloe vera allergies do exist, and you would not want to have a head full of aloe vera gel when you discover you have this allergy. Once you’ve done a spot test for at least an hour, you can safely apply aloe more liberally without concern.

How To Get The Best Aloe Vera Gel

The best way to ensure that you're getting the highest quality aloe gel possible is to choose a company with complete control over the manufacturing process, from growing to harvesting and processing. 

At Aloe Laboratories, we maintain our own aloe vera farm and production site, allowing us to craft the most satisfactory products possible while keeping bulk and wholesale prices low. We pride ourselves on producing aloe vera gel, juice, and powder specific to each customer's needs.

If you'd like to learn more about how aloe vera gel can enhance your products, or if you have some ideas of your own, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you make your product a reality.

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