Can Aloe Vera Help With Hyperpigmentation?

Whether you are a cosmetic company, supplement producer, juice bar owner, or DIY enthusiast, incorporating organic aloe vera into your products offers a handful of benefits for the skin and body. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the overall benefits of aloe vera and dive deeper into what is perhaps one of the most unique traits it has to offer: treating hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that happens when extra pigment (melanin) deposits in the skin. While this is typically not a harmful condition, some find it unsightly and many seek to lighten their uneven skin tone. 

While many products on the market for lightening skin have a chemical base, aloe vera is one of the only natural substances that can help treat hyperpigmentation, offering additional benefits in the process. Dark spots on the skin can be due to various factors, including sun exposure, pregnancy, medications (such as chemotherapy drugs), acne, hormone disorders, pollutants, and more.

There are many different options for purchasing aloe vera. It is essential to source a high-quality organic product traceable from growing to harvesting to processing. When buying aloe vera gel or powder, make sure it is from a reputable organic aloe vera farm and supplier —  make sure to do your research.

How Does Aloe Vera Benefit The Body?

  1. One of the most common uses for aloe vera is using it to accelerate the healing of burns and wounds, and in 1959 was approved by the FDA as an over-the-counter medication for skin burns.
  2. Pure aloe vera juice can reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque on teeth when used as a mouthwash.
  3. Aloe vera has been shown to speed up the healing of canker sores when rubbed on the affected area and reduces the pain caused by the canker sore.
  4. Aloe vera contains aloin, which is a well-known laxative and helps reduce constipation when ingested in small amounts.
  5. Aloe vera juice is packed with nutrients and provides benefits for the skin, such as clearer skin, reducing eczema and psoriasis.
  6. Studies have shown aloe vera slows the aging of the skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity by increasing collagen production. Aloe vera has been shown to reduce skin redness due to polysaccharides in the gel that help minimize inflammation.
  7. Aloe vera is used in many hair products as it helps with hair loss, and rubbing aloe on the affected area could help hair regrowth.
  8. Many moisturizers, lotions, facial washes, and soaps utilize aloe vera because of its moisturizing and curative properties. It has also been shown to prevent acne because of its antibacterial properties, removes dirt and oil from the skin, and helps your skin heal better to avoid scarring.
  9. It is an excellent remedy for relieving sunburn symptoms and speed up the healing process.
  10. Studies have shown aloe vera may also help with hyperpigmentation

How Aloe Vera Helps With Hyperpigmentation

A few studies show that chemicals in aloe vera gel (notably: aloin and aloesin) break down excess melanin cells and prevent the future formation of excess melanin in treated areas.

This is a two step process. Specifically, aloin breaks down deposits of excess pigment, and aloesin prevents the skin from forming more excess melanin deposits. The combination of these two effects results in lighter skin over time.

Aloe vera also helps to hydrate the skin because of its water content. It contains antioxidants like selenium, zinc, and magnesium that help to protect your skin from harsh chemicals, sun exposure damage, and pollution. In this way, aloe keeps skin hydrated and strong, supporting cell production and turnover.

Aloe vera can be used by itself or blended with other products to enhance the effects.

Different Methods For Using Aloe Vera For Hyperpigmentation

While you can use aloe vera by itself, there are many ways to enhance its effects.

Method #1: Aloe Vera, Lemon, And Honey

  1. Combine one teaspoon of honey, a half of a lemon, and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and stir well
  2. Take the mixed product and apply it to the skin
  3. Once dry, rinse off thoroughly with water
  4. Repeat the one to two times a week for optimal results

Method #2: Aloe Vera and Lemon

  1. Combine four tablespoons of aloe vera gel with lemon juice of 2 lemons
  2. Wash the skin thoroughly before applying
  3. Spread one thin layer of the mixture onto the skin
  4. Leave in place for 15 minutes
  5. Rinse it thoroughly off with water
  6. Repeat this process daily for optimal results

Method #3: Aloe Vera And Vitamin E

  1. Combine half of a teaspoon of vitamin e with one teaspoon of aloe vera
  2. Take the mixture and gently massage it into the skin
  3. Leave it on for 30 minutes
  4. Rinse it off thoroughly with water
  5. Repeat this process once a week for optimal results

Method #4: Aloe Vera And Shea Butter

  1. Combine one teaspoon of aloe vera and one teaspoon of shea butter and mix thoroughly ( you can also use one teaspoon of olive oil in place of shea butter)
  2. Apply the mixture to the skin
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes
  4. Rinse completely with water
  5. Repeat this process two to three times a week for optimal results

Everyone’s skin is different, so find the one that works best for you. Generally, you will discover which method works best for your skin within a few days when you use it consistently. It’s also possible to be allergic to aloe vera or other ingredients mentioned above. If a rash develops or your skin is irritated, discontinue use.

Always make sure you are using aloe vera as directed for the best results. 

Where To Find The Best Aloe Vera

The best way to ensure that you're getting the highest quality aloe possible is to choose a company with complete control over the manufacturing process, from growing to harvesting and processing. 

At Aloe Laboratories, we maintain our own aloe vera farm and production site, allowing us to craft the most satisfactory products possible while keeping bulk and wholesale prices low. We pride ourselves on producing aloe vera gel, juice, and powder specific to each customer's needs.

If you'd like to learn more about how aloe vera gel can enhance your products, or if you have some ideas of your own, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you make your product a reality.

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