What are the benefits of aloe vera juice?

We all remember getting a sunburn as a kid. Mom would take out the aloe vera gel and slather it on our burnt skin. Or maybe you had a live aloe plant at home that she would break a leaf off of and use on your burns or dry skin. Many of us have used aloe in our lives in one form or another, sometimes as a decorative plant or as a natural remedy at the ready in your house.

What is aloe?

The aloe vera plant is actually a succulent from the genus aloe. Aloe thrives in tropical climates, grows all over the world and has been used as a medicinal plant for countless generations. There are many types of aloe plant, but aloe vera is the only form of edible aloe there is.

Today, aloe can be used for several purposes. You can find it in cosmetics, supplements and juices. Large companies like L’Oreal use aloe more and more in their products because of the benefits it has for the skin and the ability to replace chemical ingredients with natural ones. Aloe vera can be found in a gel, powder, or pill form to be eaten, drunk, or as always, for topical use. Aloe vera juice is heralded for its delicious taste, ease of drinking, potential health benefits, and convenience.

What is aloe vera juice?

Aloe vera juice is the clear liquid that comes from the leaf of the aloe vera plant. The juice is made by grinding or crushing the aloe vera leaf's inner gel/fillet only or from the aloe leaf in its entirety.

Additives are added to the aloe juice to create different types or flavors of juices for consumption or it can be added as in its natural form to other drinks and supplements for added benefits.[1] [2] [3] 

The many benefits of aloe vera juice

  • Clearer skin. Aloe vera juice is a great way to reduce blemishes and acne. The hormones auxin and gibberellin present in aloe vera help in clearing up skin issues and helps with the regeneration of new skin cells. (Tip: aloe vera can also help lighten scarring associated with acne as well!)
  • Helps you stay hydrated. Kick sugary sodas and juice drinks to the curb. The aloe vera plant is water-dense, so drinking aloe vera juice is a great way to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps flush out impurities and is a natural detox for your body, as the liver and kidneys have the task of detoxifying the body, and function best when well hydrated. As we said before, aloe vera is packed with nutrients, so you won’t just be getting hydrated, you’ll be getting essential vitamins as well. Try replacing coconut water with aloe vera juice and see the difference after a hard workout.
  • Helps reduce the effects of eczema and psoriasis. A component of aloe vera called lignin can penetrate the skin up-to seven layers bringing in nutrients and removing toxins. Lignins are beneficial for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.
  • Packed with nutrients. Aloe vera juice contains important vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid.. It also contains smaller amounts of calcium, copper, chromium, sodium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Aloe vera is also one of the only plants that also has vitamin B-12.

There are even more uses and beneficial qualities of drinking aloe vera juice, such as digestive benefits, heartburn relief, help with gum inflammation and MORE. With all of these pros, aloe vera juice is definitely something we should all have in our refrigerator. Make sure you are taking the recommended dose daily and not overdoing it, just like any other food or supplement.

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How To Get The Best Aloe Vera

The best way to ensure that you're getting the highest quality aloe vera possible is to choose a company with complete control over the manufacturing process, from growing to harvesting and processing.

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