What Does a Bottling Company and Contract Filling Service Do?

We’re often asked if it makes more sense for a brand to bottle their products or if using a contract filling service is better. Whether you need to fill bottles, jars, or tubes with your product, doing it yourself can be costly and time-consuming and there are so many factors to consider when bottling your product. In addition to finding the right packaging and labeling, there are considerable expenses like the equipment and personnel to operate said equipment and bottle your goods. All of these considerations take time and money, cutting into your bottom line.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive consumer goods industry, it’s essential to not only have packaging that looks professional and enticing but also to be able to hit the shelves as soon as possible. This is where a bottling company and contract filling service comes in. When you use a third party to handle the bottling, packaging, and shipping, you save time and money. That way, you can spend more time marketing and selling your product and creating new ones to meet your customer’s demands.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a bottling company is, what a contract filling service does, and the benefits of using these types of services. 

What Is A Bottling Company?

A bottling company, or contract filling service, provides packaging and bottling for other companies. They not only process the packaging operations but help companies design cost-effective and attractive packaging. An experienced contract filler offers options for different types of packaging and provides various solutions for a particular packaging plan. 

Companies large and small take advantage of a third-party bottling service to fill and package their liquid goods. Once the product is bottled and ready to go, the service then sends your product to where it needs to go. When you use a bottling company and contract filling service, you expand your customer base past your local area and reach more customers in more locations. 

There are many advantages to using a bottling company and contract filling service. We’ve covered some of the benefits already, but there are advantages for your company beyond just filling and distribution. Let’s take a look at these advantages.

Advantage #1 – Lower Up-Front Investment

When you utilize a bottling company, they’ve already invested in the equipment, machinery, and resources needed to fill and produce your finished product. That means you don’t have to take on this responsibility and cost, allowing you to focus on expanding your territory, making sales, and coming up with new products to market and sell.

Advantage #2 – Less Storage And Warehousing Need

Taking on bottling and filling yourself means you need storage for your product, the bottles, the packaging, and so much more. A bottling company has already invested in space and equipment. Even if you keep products onsite, the amount you keep on hand takes up far less space than all the products you manufacture.

Advantage #3 – Expertise In The Industry

You’re the expert in your industry, and you know the products your customer wants and how to provide it to them. A bottling company is an expert in its industry. A lot goes into the process of packaging and filling, and it’s an entire operation all on its own. The right bottling company has years of experience in the industry and can do the job more efficiently and in less time than you could do on your own. 

Advantage #4 – Time Savings

You can spend hours designing and filling packaging on your own. This takes away from your profits, sales opportunities and creates more stress than you need when running a business. A bottling company and contract filling service can ensure product-filling mass produce your packaging and fill the packages, ensuring that the product goes where it needs to go and on time. 

Aloe Labs Provides Flexible Custom Bottling and Contract Filling For Your Brand

Partnering with a contract filling service will quickly prove beneficial. No matter the size of your business, contracting with a professional company provides you with the peace of mind that your product is being filled, distributed, and sold properly. In addition, when you hire a professional with years of experience helping companies just like yours with their product-filling needs, you’ll see your sales and profits grow.

While Aloe Laboratories has been creating and distributing Aloe products, we have the experience and knowledge to provide bottle-filling services to meet all your needs. Contact us today to learn how our service can save you time, effort, and money.

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