Types of Aloe Vera: Powder (part 3)

What if you know you want to purchase aloe powder but you are not sure how to use it.  What do you do?  What can you do with it?


The Aloe Vera powders can be reconstituted to make a single strength juice.  For example, 1 kg. of 100X powder would make 100kg. (1/2 drum) of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and 1 kg. of 200X powder would make 200 kg. of Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice. (approximately 1 drum).  Now with this juice (mix of powder and water), you can add preservatives for shelf-life, pH adjusters, flavors and/or sweeteners.  Really whatever flavor/sweet combination you desire while ensuring product safety by utilizing a preservation system appropriate for food.  An example of what varieties can be had with aloe juice, we encourage you to look at www.shoporgani.com


Reconstituted aloe juice derived from aloe vera powder does not have to be used in a food product but can also be used as an ingredient in a cosmetic formula.  Most companies use water as a mixing base for their cosmetic but aloe juice can also be similarly used.  Whether you desire to use it as your base ingredient or simply as a complimentary ingredient to your standard formulas, your products will only be enhanced.  An example of this can be found at www.aloenrich.com. Again, we recommend using an appropriate preservation system in your formula to give your cosmetic an agreeable shelf-life.

Dietary Supplements

Perhaps you do not wish to reconstitute with water but use the powder directly?  The pure powder can be encapsulated and taken as a dietary supplement.  Typically, 2 x 500mg capsules will equate to 4 oz. of liquid if using 100% aloe powder.  Of course, this equation will change if the aloe powder is mixed with other nutraceutical/herbal powders.  In addition to having capsules made, aloe vera powder can also be used as a main or minor ingredient in powdered product mixes created for specific nutraceutical or functional use purposes.  An example of this can be seen here.

Your imagination is the limit

We hope that we have been able to give you some good ideas as to the many uses that can be found with aloe vera powders.  Really, the variety of products one can make is really up to one’s own imagination.  Aloe is a highly versatile and can be a great addition to your own brand of products giving your customers more value for their money.

We offer this and much more because we believe in the many benefits of aloe vera that this plant has to offer.

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