Common Uses of Aloe Vera Gel

People have been using the aloe vera plant (and its many forms) for thousands of years, discovering a myriad of benefits the gel contained in its leaves can provide. 

While most of us have seen aloe vera gel sold on its own in pharmacies and supermarkets, some of its most significant applications are as an active ingredient in products like moisturizers, cosmetics, supplements, and juice.

If you manufacture consumer goods and are looking to add more value to your product, aloe vera gel deserves your attention. Rich with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, it's loved the world over as an herbal remedy for all the many roles it can play in treating different ailments. 

Below are some of the most popular ways aloe vera gel has been used throughout history and how it can give your product the edge it needs to get more attention.

4 Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Unlike other aloe vera derivatives (including aloe vera powder and aloe vera juice), the plant's gel is used almost exclusively as a topical treatment. Some uses are more prevalent than others (such as cooling sunburns), while others remain regional or cultural. 

Regardless, there are demonstrable benefits to using aloe vera gel as part of a regular routine. Most home remedies use the gel alone to get the desired effect, but manufacturers have found great success using it as part of more extensive formulas. 

1. Using aloe vera gel for skincare. 

The most common reason people use aloe vera is to treat minor burns, cuts, rashes, and other skin conditions. While the gel's cooling anti-inflammatory properties make it a great addition to your first aid kit, it does much more to promote healthy skin care. The gel's composition, which is mostly water, works well as a moisturizer without leaving behind a greasy residue. 

Aloe vera lotion has strong anti-bacterial properties as well, providing pores with a deep-clean and leaving the surface soft and smooth to the touch. This nourishment, combined with the gel's healing and therapeutic properties, make aloe vera gel a great additive to skin creams and lotion. 

2. Using aloe vera for face care.

Those with oily skin are more likely to struggle with acne at some point in their lives. If you take the time to inspect the myriad of topical acne treatments for sale, you may be surprised to see aloe vera gel or aloe vera powder among the ingredients. 

Besides cleaning pores, aloe vera gel has a lasting effect that slows the buildup of bacteria, making it easier to keep your face looking clean for longer. Its anti-bacterial nature can also combat pimples and minimize the appearance of blemishes.

3. Using aloe vera for hair care. 

The growing trend of all-natural personal care products has drawn a lot of attention to the chemicals used in shampoos and conditioners. If your company is looking to move into this market, you should consider aloe gel as a critical ingredient. 

All of the same traits that make aloe vera gel ideal for skincare are excellent for hair care products. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe an itchy scalp and reduce dandruff. 

Meanwhile, its ability to moisturize softens hair and reduces knots, tangles, and split ends while delivering nourishment to the roots. Aloe vera gel alone can play multiple roles in hair care products and could serve as a healthy substitute for several other ingredients.

4. Using aloe vera for oral health. 

As an anti-inflammatory, aloe vera gel is a simple way to provide fast, potent relief to mouth and gum sores as well as cavities. It's advantageous because a small amount of gel can quickly soothe large areas. Adding aloe vera gel to toothpaste can help prevent cavities by adding another antibacterial component to the product. 

Simultaneously, it helps to dull the pain for those with a heightened sensitivity to some of the harsher ingredients in toothpaste. Similarly, manufacturers can easily add the gel to mouthwash to lend it more cleaning strength without increasing its alcohol content. 

How To Get The Best Aloe Vera Gel

The best way to ensure that you're getting the highest quality aloe gel possible is to choose a company with complete control over the manufacturing process, from growing to harvesting and processing. 

At Aloe Laboratories, we maintain our own aloe vera farm and production site, allowing us to craft the most satisfactory products possible while keeping bulk and wholesale prices low. We pride ourselves on producing aloe vera gel, juice, and powder specific to each customer's needs.

If you'd like to learn more about how aloe vera gel can enhance your products, or if you have some ideas of your own, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you make your product a reality.

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