Custom Labels and Private Formulas

Aloe Laboratories offers both experience and creative assistance in pursuing your entrepreneurial goals but the vision will always (and should always) come from you!

When trying to decide on a custom formula for bulk product or private label, there are several things to focus on:

1. Product

You might think that you have thought about the product in that you want it to be aloe vera juice. However, there are different types of characteristics of aloe vera juice to choose from.

For instance:

  • Do you want a leaf or inner leaf juice? As you may have read on Our Process page, aloe juice can be derived from either the entire leaf (leaf) or from the inner gel alone (inner leaf). A leaf juice will have more polysaccharides but a stronger taste whereas an inner leaf juice will have less polysaccharides and less rind taste.
  • Do you want a juice with or without the natural aloe color? A leaf juice will always be decolorized whereas, with the inner leaf juice, you can have the choice of either having the natural aloe color or having it decolorized.
  • Do you want pulp in your aloe juice? Both types of processes, leaf and inner leaf, can have pulp. With decolorized product, however, it is an extra step as we have to remove the pulp to decolorize and then add it back afterwards.
  • Do you want flavoring? Some do not like the natural taste of aloe juice and so opt for a fruit flavoring to be added along with a sweetener (such as sucrose, sucralose or stevia).
  • Do you want cosmetics? Aloe Labs has a host of formulations for moisturizers, lip balms, shampoos and soaps that use aloe as a base. Our minimum quantity to produce a custom formula though is 210 kg (55 gallons).

If you have your own contract filler already selected, we will be able to present you with a quote for purchasing your custom formula in bulk quantities (55 gallon drums).

Once you have approved a sample of the product, we can begin documenting the formulation and move on to packaging (if you would like us to serve as your contract filler as well).

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2. Packaging/Filling

Once you have figured out what type of product you want to offer, you have to now figure out how it will be presented to the consumer.

  • Will it be in a bottle or jar?
  • What size?
  • What color?

Depending on how unique you want your packaging to be, you may have to sit down with a packaging distributor to work out those details.
Also available are our in-store packages (like M&M bottles).

Once we have a handle on the packaging and know who will purchase what, we can present you with a quote that encompasses a price per end unit.

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3. Labels

Knowing what type and size of bottle or jar your product will be filled in will also enable you to figure out what label sizes your graphic artist can work with to create the best presentation for your package. Since this is your private label, it is only fitting that you control the aspects of your product label creation.

Note: Aloe Laboratories is willing to offer opinions and suggestions but please be aware that we are not responsible for content and any regulatory requirements. We are not professional labeling consultants and so we encourage you to have your artwork reviewed by one to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations that may apply.

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4. Warehousing

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5. Certificate

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6. Logistics

Do you have an account with a freight carrier or small package service? If so, you may be able to negotiate a better discount on your account with increased service. If you do not have such an account, take advantage of Aloe Laboratories negotiated discount pricing by allowing us to ship on our accounts and add the cost to your invoice. You will find our freight prices much less than the standard service rates applied by these transportation companies to folks without such accounts.

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7. Cost and Payment

For custom formulas, there are sometimes certain costs that need to be factored that are considered one-time fees. One such example is, if you are developing a custom formula product to be sold as a food beverage or dietary supplement, unless you have a lab in mind to analyze the product for Nutrition Facts or Supplement Fact information, we will use a 3rd party laboratory of our own and may request payment for such analysis. We would recommend, if you are using your own chosen lab, please make sure the sample that is sent to them is representative of the product you will be marketing. If you think you may add this or that to the formula after you have given your approval on a certain sample, please do not send that sample to the lab but wait for a new one with your changes. Analytical results such as Nutrition Facts may vary due to those changes.

You will also note that we charge separately for bulk packaging like fiber or plastic drums, plastic pails, aseptic drum bags, corrugated cartons for leaves and wood crates for plants as well as pallets. Most of these charges remain constant on a yearly basis but some, like the drums, may change a little more frequent due to increases in prices from their respective manufacturers.

On the first order of new customers, we typically will ask for payment up front. We do have a credit application we can offer to customers and, based on the responses of their trade references and bank, be willing to extend Net 30 terms on a trial basis.

Types of payment we accept are: Company check, money order, cashier’s check, and credit card (Discover, MasterCard and Visa). Please note, though, that we do charge a 3% credit card fee for all payments made by credit card.

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Aloe Labs will always do its best to bring together your ideas and our abilities! Our goal is to provide you with the most effective products to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.