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Aloe Laboratories maintains 150 acres of aloe vera plants. These fields are certified organic according to USDA, EU and JAS requirements. We also have 150 acres of transitional fields that will soon double our total organic acres available to harvest from. The Rio Grande Valley is a prime location for the cultivation of aloe vera with a nearly year-round tropical climate. If you are a nursery or other business that has a need for aloe plant stock or if you just have a hankering to make an aloe “smoothie” in your kitchen, please take a look at our Products Page or contact us for pricing regarding our aloe vera leaves or plants.


In the factory, pride in craftsmanship dominates every stage processing. Aloe Laboratories provides two aloe vera gel processing techniques from which to choose: Aloe Vera Inner Leaf (formerly called “Traditional Hand Fillet”) and Aloe Vera Leaf (formerly “Whole-leaf”) process. From the critical stage of hand-filleting and extracting the valuable gel from the Aloe leaf to precision pasteurization, concentrating and freeze drying, our entire process continues with the finest, most up-to-date equipment available. Our proprietary processing techniques ensure that the active constituents are preserved in maximum amounts. This determines the quality and purity of the Aloe and enhances the effectiveness of the final product.

Bulk Aloe Gel

For those customers who manufacture their own products and wish to improve their formulas with Aloe, we provide bulk Aloe juices (from either process) and bulk Aloe oil. We are also able to provide Aloe material custom formulated to our customer’s needs. Available in pail, drum, or truckload quantities.

Freeze Drying Services

Over the past few years, Aloe Laboratories has been bringing under its roof as much processing ability as possible so as to control all aspects of manufacturing, including the addition of in-house freeze dryers thus complimenting its vertical integration strategy. However, not everyone will have a need for freeze dried aloe vera or nopal powder and so, as a result, Aloe Laboratories would like to offer the services of its freeze driers to those that require them for a different product. The processing facility of Aloe Laboratories is certified organic meaning your product will be handled with great care by us whether certified or not. Contact us today for more information and a quote!

Microbiology and Quality Control

Aloe Laboratories adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices as well as more stringent corporate requirements for Aloe production. We have our own in-house Microbiology and Quality HPLC Labs. This ensures that all products made by Aloe Laboratories are of the highest quality and meet or surpass the standards set by the various regulatory agencies. Aloe Laboratories is an industry leader in providing the highest quality Aloe.

Aloe Labs Store

We have a variety of projects in the works to increase the number of different aloe vera products we will be able to offer customers. As our store takes shape, please visit this site often to find out when it will open!