Company Information

Aloe Laboratories combines personal attention with modern technology to achieve the quality and purity in Aloe vera products that is our hallmark of excellence. Pride in craftsmanship dominates the critical stage of hand filtering and extracting the valuable gel from the Aloe leaf. Precision processing of the Aloe continues with the finest, most up to date equipment available.

Our proprietary processing techniques ensure that the active constituents are preserved in maximum amounts. This determines the quality of aloe and enhances the effectiveness of the final product. Aloe Labs’ process is vertically integrated, which we control every stage of production from USDA certified organic Aloe fields to our certified organic Aloe processing plant. With more 25 years of manufacturing experience and excellence, allow us to be your Aloe solution today!

Our Process

Aloe Laboratories is a vertically integrated company. This means we control all aspects of production from the farming to the manufacture of Aloe and Aloe-based products.

From fields painstakingly farmed according to USDA, EU and JAS organic standards, our employees begin to carefully harvest only the best leaves for processing.

When the leaves arrive at the manufacturing plant, there are two different processing methods:

Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Process
This process utilizes only the inner gel of the aloe vera leaf. The leaf, after being washed, is filleted in such a way as to retain the greatest amount of mucilage and ensure the removal of aloin and other unwanted substances.

Aloe Vera Leaf Process
This process utilizes all parts of the entire leaf of aloe vera and is ground down into a thick mixture. With a series of filtration steps, unwanted substances are removed and reduced to appropriate levels leaving the remaining liquid colorless and with a high level of polysaccharides.

Our Filling Service offers opportunities for customers to pursue their own private label projects in providing aloe to local health conscious communities.

All products manufactured are meticulously analyzed and tested for quality and purity by our Microbiology and HPLC lab.

Our own in-house freeze drying facilities make ordering certified organic aloe vera powder (from either process) easy!

Aloe Laboratories is located in a prime distribution area with many carrier options to choose from. Allow us to pick the one that’s right for you!